Community Music Online Scheme

The Community Music Online scheme is a new member benefit to help community music groups navigate the online environment.  The first phase of the scheme includes:

  • A dedicated page for your group on the Music in Communities Network website*.  See the Example Page live on our website.
  • Support and advice** with the free online tools you can use. Including:
    • Free website platforms
    • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
    • Online mailing list

Member Pages

Does your community music group, activity or project need a website? Do you need a simple online presence which is easy to manage? 

Our research found that a quarter of our members don't have a website, the remaining three quarters was pretty evenly divided between websites which are very much in need of updating and maintenance, websites which are good but would benefit from a bit of updating and maintance, and of course some excellent websites.  This program is mostly for the groups with no existing website, or those that want to eventually build their own but need something in the interim. 

The Members Pages function has been designed to provide an easy-to-manage platform for your group.  Sure, it's not as customised as your own website, and we encourage groups to have their own website where it is possible to do so. 

How does it work?

You simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will set up a page and provide instructions on adding content. Some assistance with adding and managing content will be given, but the purpose is really to have members managing their own pages.

Each member has a unique login, multiple members of your group or committee can use that login to edit content.

How do I know if we're eligible?

This program is available to all current organisational members of the network. Click here for more information about membership. Member Pages are intended for not-for-profit community music groups, not companies or for-profit enterprises.

What will the URL (web address) be?

You can choose the name, in the same way that you might choose a domain name or a name for your social media platforms.  It should be fairly short, without spaces.  It will look like this:

Can I see an example?

Yes, click here to see our example page. There are a number of heading tabs to choose from, groups can decide which of these they will use.


Community Music Online Part 1: Quick Guide to Social Media

    *Pages for groups is a member benefit introduced in 2012.  Pages are for groups with no web presence, transitioning to a new website, or who just want to have a listing on our site.  Pages are only created and maintained for current Organisational Members. MiCN will create a page and update the content once a year, generally upon renewal of membership. In between this annual update, pages will be edited within reason, ie. if your contact details change that's ok, but if you want to change the content on a weekly basis, you'll need to do that on your own website.  See our Example Page.

    **Support and Advice will be provided in the form of workshops delivered online and occasionally in capital cities, and occasional forums involving a mentor with experience in website and online tools.