About us

An initiative of the grassroots music advocacy campaign, Music: Play for Life, The Music in Communities Network (MiCN) is Australia’s only national network for community music practitioners.

It has been set up to raise awareness about, and stimulate action in, community-based music making. How? By helping to build the capacity of individuals and groups to develop and sustain effective recreational music making programs in communities.

The Network

  • Connects you with other people working and volunteering in community music both online and at MiCN conferences.
  • Improves your skills through MiCN professional development workshops.
  • Arms you with the latest in community music research, statistics and best practice case studies.
  • Rewards exemplary community music programs at the annual $20,000 Music in Communities Awards.

Who Should Join?

Leaders and administrators of community music groups, musicians, music therapists, music teachers, those considering starting a music group, local council cultural officers, representatives of cultural centres, conservatoria and music schools, and anyone with a passion for making music happen.

What does MiCN do for Community Music Groups?

Quite a few things, actually.  We are enthusiastic about getting more Australians making music, and supporting community music groups and leaders is a great way to do that. We have member benefits package including discounted Public Liability Insurance, listings in our bulletin, a dedicated page on the MiCN website for those that want it, online resources to help you with the day-to-day running of a group, and more. 

MiCN runs events around the country which bring community music groups together to meet each other, listen to speakers with experience in community music, connect with Local Government staff and local Music Therapists, and share knowledge about community music activity.

A major part of MiCN's role is managing the annual Music in Communities Awards, with a $10,000 prize pool which goes to exemplary music programs in the community.

What does MiCN do for Community Music as a whole?

We are the only nnational network for Community Music practitioners, and part of the Music Council of Australia (MCA), the peak body for music in Australia.  The MCA is involved in a range of important activities which go unnoticed by the wider community but which represent "One Voice For Music".  This includes the annual conference, developing a wide range of programs and projects to support musical life in Australia, writing submissions to Government.  MiCN is part of a credible and respected advocacy organisation, and we want to hear from people in the community who are making music.

The MiCN is also establishing itself as a voice for Community Music.  It contributed a submission to the National Cultural Policy consultations, forms part of the Music Council of Australia assembly with leaders and experts in music from across the country, and engages with different levels of government to advocate for music making in local communities.

What are the Member Benefits?

The benefits include a subscription to Music Forum magazine, discounts to MiCN and MCA events, discounted Public Liability Insurance, workshops and training, the new Community Music Online Scheme, the members' Newsletter, and more. Click here to read more about MiCN Membership.

The Orchestras of Australia Network (TOAN)

In 2011 the Music in Communities Network began taking on the role of a national network for orchestras. This was previously maintained by Orchestras of Australia (TOAN) until that organisation ceased operating in 2008.  In July 2010, the Music in Communities Network (MiCN) approached the board of Orchestras Australia with an offer to take over the key roles of representation, advocacy, forums, community building and networking for community based orchestras - community and youth orchestras. In particular MiCN will offer a key membership benefit that has been identified as one of the most useful benefits of Orchestras Australia membership: access to best value public liability insurance. There has been some discussion about setting up a similar music lending scheme, another popular TOAN scheme, but MiCN is not yet offering this service. The board of TOAN has endorsed MiCN as a network for Australian orchestras and we are working to provide orchestras with our regular programs and projects, as well as orchestra-specific ones.

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